Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hi Folks

In answer to your questions about my 18 Page Album.

1. I did use one Level 2 Paper Packet from Close to My Heart. I used Bella.

2. I tried to follow Robin Garrows pattern, but I got diverted, LOL. So I used some of those layouts and picked some I liked from our How To Programs Cherish and Imagine. Both Close To My Heart.

3. Modified some to fit my needs.

4. I reckon it will cost just under $150 Canadian for the materials used Including the Album, protectors and Cover. This is a rough estimate I need to sit down and do a proper costing before setting my price, but it will not much different from that.

5. To scrap it for someone it will cost $300. Canadian charging for Hours It took about 9 hours with no stamping. So I have allowed another hour to include stamping for Titles Etc.

I hope that helps. contact me directly for more information if you need it. My email is liz@frydavies.com.

Thanks again for the great comments. I really enjoy hearing from you all.


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